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World War I 
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French Ball Type - Model Unknown - 
Circa 1914

A little know variant of the Model 1914 Ball grenade. Time delay fuze.

Austro-Hungarian Zeitzünder, 1st & 2nd Models

Common components to make different grenades.

British No.3 Mk.I

A "Timeless" classic WWI grenade.

Austrian "Universal" Hand/Rifle Grenade

Rivals the British No.3 in mechanical complexity.

French Model 1915 (?) 

Another little known type,
based on the F1 grenade body

British No.23 MkII "Mills Bomb"
British No.24 Mk.II

Sectional Display 

British No.35 Mk I

The Rod Grenade - One of the last of its kind.

German Model 1914

An Interesting Fuze Design.

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