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British No.24 Mk.II Rod Grenade
The British No.24 Mk II represents roughly the mid-point in British rod grenade evolution.
Ease of production (low cost) and effective design were the driving factors. When compared to the No.3 you can see many features incorporated to reach those goals.
The basic principal remains the same... a weighted firing pin restrained in flight by a creep spring, locked before firing by a pair of restraining bolts, held inplace by a safety collar. What has changed is the parts count and how they are manufactured. Gone are the muzzle clip with its mounting screws and the wind vane. The central striker tube meets the detonator housing half way, instead of nesting. The body is cast instead of machined, and the striker is smaller.

The parts count here is 15, down from 20 with fewer machined parts.

A side note about this example... the body has been repainted, and the creep spring and retaining bolts are cosmetic reproductions (The spring here is copper, not spring steel as the original would be, still a very nice sectional display.)

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