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Japanese Type 99 Grenade and Type 100 Cup Discharger

Early Type 99 with Label

This grenade fuze is uncommonly clean inside. Note the still intact primer. Usually when inerted the cap is snapped and the fuze burnt. This causes corrosive reside to adhere the the spring which causes those to deteriorate over time.
I believe the lanyard is original. Very unusual material as they are mostly a low quality hemp.

Enlarged detail of what is on the main page.
Above is the date stamped just above the frag body. It reads right to left. "Showa" "10" "8" 6  - Translating to June 1943

(Not the common form for Kanji, reading left to right.)

Powder delay fuze stem from shown here.
The markings indicate delay time for the fuze.
Read as "4 - 5 seconds".

Type 100 - Side View

The wing nut on top locks a sliding gate over a gas vent, adjusting range.
This required the use of a bayonet to clamp it to the rifle, making for heavy and cumbersome arrangement.

The stampings (100 Shiki Teki-Dan Ki) read "100 Type Grenade Implement" Translated: Type 100 Grenade Launcher.

This one is dated 1943 and shows the Nagoya Arsenal / Toyada Automatic Loom Works marks.

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