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Yugoslavian Mod.38 Fragmentation & Blast Grenades
Mod.38 GrenadesModel 38 Grenade
As with the Mod.35, there is a Defensive and Offensive type. The Defensive grenade (left) is made of smooth cast iron, but has an internally segmented fragmentation matrix.
The Offensive blast type (center), is made of the same light sheet metal as the Mod.35, with no fragmentation matrix.

The grenade on the right was described to me as the M50P2R Defensive, post WWII. It is made of two welded half shells. It was manufactured using left over WWII fuze inventory. Markings in yellow have worn off.

Mod.38s open
The fuzes retain the same overall features as before...
Percussion type; lead washer between the fuze and the grenade body; brass fuze cap; reverse thread for the fuze body and dual gas vents.

One slight difference between the fuzes shown is visible on the one on the left. The diameter of the shaft, which holds the detonator, is smaller. The cap marking does not show the "M38" designator.

Also, the left grenade has a welded seam, top to bottom, but only on one side.
Mod.38 Fuzes
Mod.38 Fuze Caps

Note that the fuze body has been modified. The locking feature has changed. Now, it consists of an internal  wire spring under the cap and a serrated friction ring located on top of the fuze body.
M38 Internal Frag

This last view shows the internal fragmentation matrix cast into the M38 grenade.
Grooved fragmentation patterns work best if they are made on the inside. It is interesting to note however, that the post war M50 type does not exhibit this feature, the inside surface being smooth.