Yugoslavian M.35 Grenade Cap Variation

From Ilija in Macedonia....

Yesterday, during a walk in the vicinity of Kolesino village, on a dirt path, I found an interesting piece of solid brass. Thanks to your website, I instantly recognized it as a hand grenade cap. Scars and impact signs show that it's been laying in the gravel for years.....

This hand grenade cap is somewhat different from the ones shown with an interesting cartouche: alpha and omega in a circle. Is this a marking of another manufacturer, not Vojnotehnicki Zavod?

By the way, I  have an objection on the translation proposed on your web page (Military Technical Factory). "Factory" is not a correct translation of the Serbian word "Zavod". In Serbian "zavod" means "institution". Serbian word for "factory" is "fabrika". It is obvious that D. Mitev was conveyed by the Russian meaning of the word "zavod". (Close related, but different languages.)
So, the correct translation of the cap marking is "Military Technical Institution".

Best regards,