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Yugoslavian M52 Series Fragmentation Grenades
M52 Series

The M52 series represents the modernization of WWII era technology utilizing cast iron grenade body construction.

Left to Right:  M52R, M52P2R, M52P3

These all have identical body designs, with a grooved internal fragmentation surface. The fuze thread is reversed, so that when the safety cap is unscrewed in the normal manner, the fuze is further tightened to the body.
The M52R is a direct carryover from its WWII predecessor.
The percussion fuze is the same basic style, with a friction locking cover protecting a simple exposed primer. Remove the cover and strike the cap on a suitably hard object to start the 4.5 second delay. It had a TNT filler with an effective radius of 15 meters.
M52,R Grenade & Fuze

M52P2, R
The M52P2,R has an improved fuze design which eliminated the noise created by the previous fuze found on the M52, which burned with a "rustling sound". The M52P2 is silent.

The safety cover is removed. The mushroom cap is grasped and pulled which compresses the striker spring inside. Once the interlocking catch on the stem is clear of the fuze body, it slips off the striker which snaps back inside, striking the primer, initiating the delay.
M52 Matrix
The internal grooved matrix is supposed to produce between 100 and 150 fragments.
The filler and effective radius remained the same.
M52P2 Cut-Away

The M52P3 uses a conventional cocked striker "mouse trap" type fuze. The fuze body is made of plastic. The grenade body remains the same including the reverse thread for the fuze.

Shown is the grenade in its plastic transport can, which has an O-ring environmental seal.

At the extreme right are the cap markings.
The M52P2 grenade is also referred to as the "M69", as marked on the cap.
M52P3 in Can M52 Cap Logos