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Yugoslavian M79 H.E.A.T Hand Grenade
M79/RKG-3  Comparison

The M79 is a member of the Russian RKG-3 family of grenades, which vary in size ranging from 65-78mm in diameter, 350-388mm in length and hold 384-560g of explosive.

Here the M79 is compared to its smaller counterpart the Russian RKG-3 (top).
M79 Components

Componets are similar. The handles, from the outside, appear almost identical.

The warhead is larger with a greater standoff length.

(See my RKG-3 page, for more functional information.)

About 2/3 of the top volume of the warhead is empty. This is a common design feature of shaped charge warheads, where the hollow cone shape of the explosive "focuses" blast energy in a concentrated forward direction.

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