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Yugoslavian M60P1 HE Rifle Grenade

M60 Rifle Grenade
M60P1 HE Rifle Grenade
This is a 30mm spigot launched rifle grenade designed to produce large penetrating fragments.
The main body is made of steel, with an aluminum tail boom and plastic fins.

Modern spigot launched grenades typically are designed to fit a 22mm diameter launcher. This was first standardized for NATO forces, and apparently has become an international (?) standard.

The base plug holds a special grenade launching cartridge (7.62x39)

This grenade is listed as having a 410 meter range, with 50 meter fragmentation radius.
The fuze is a UTM-70-P1 SuperQuick impact type.
The safety cap is removed and the pin unscrewed to ready for use. The safety mechanism arms when fired.

The photo below, (20 Feb,1999), is of Serbian Police on patrol in Studenčane, Kosovo.
These appear to be similar grenades, of a slightly different body profile. I don't know their designation.

Serb Police
National Geographic
Feb 2000

Yugo AKM w/Spigot Launcher

Here is the Yugoslavian AKM variation of the Avtomat Kalashnikov-47 with a spigot launcher for rifle grenades.
The integral grenade sight flips up and blocks the gas port to the cycling mechanism so that all gas is diverted into the barrel for launching. With the sight down it will cycle as a regular AK.
Also show are Yugoslavian M60 HEAT and M60P1 HE grenade types.

Thank you very much Walt, for the photos.
Here is a page with some of his other interesting items.