~ Russian Grenades & Ordnance - W.W.I to Modern ~
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Russian Grenades - HE Frags

HE & Fragmentation Grenades

F1 Fragmentation (WWII)
F1 Fragmentation (Post WWII)
URG & URG-N Practice
RGD-5 Blast
CRG-42 Practice (Polish)
RGD-33 Stick
Russian Grenades- HEAT & Gas

H.E.A.T. & Chemincal Grenades

UPG-8 (RKG-3 Practice)
RKG-3 H.E.A.T.
RPG-43 H.E.A.T.
Model 1917 WWI Gas

Mortar and Anti-Tank Rounds
Mortar & Antitank Rounds

82mm H.E. Mortar
50mm H.E. Mortar (2 Varients)
45mm A.P. & H.E. Antitank
Last Update: 06 Mar 2003
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