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  F1 Fragmentaion Grenade (Defensive)
This is the Soviet F-1 fragmentation grenade made during the cold war by numerous Warsaw Pact and other communist countries. It produces large heavy fragments hazardous out to 100 meters, but the effective lethal radius is 20 -30 meters.
It is filled with 45-50g of TNT.

This grenade was initially developed early in WWII using the Koveshnikov fuze, then upgraded with the UZRG and later the UZRGM type shown at left.
(Apparently they are outwardly the same.)

The curved lever fuze, shown at right,  is the E.German equivalent, the DS-62.
The grenade body is painted a characteristic yellow-green. During WWII the color was a dark olive.

An interesting side note is that the Russians place the safety pin ring on the opposite side than what most other nations do. Their instruction manuals show to hold the grenade with the lever under the fingers of the right hand, and the body against the palm, presenting the pin for a left hand pull.

The fuze is a cocked striker system, held in position by the forked end of the safety lever.
Pulling the pin then releasing the lever releases the firing pin, driven down by the compressed spring into the primer which initiates the 3-4 second delay element.

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