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Further Comparisons & Projectiles
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Further Comparisons to other WWII Aircraft Ammo
After spending some time websurfing, the number of discussions of W.W.II "Warbird" ammunition and its effectiveness abound. The following presentation should help augment the tremendous amount of technical data out there.   -  Enjoy.
Fixed Rounds
Identification as follows:
• A1
• A2
• A3
• B
• C
• D
• E
• F
• G
• H
• I
• J
- U.S. .50cal BMG
- U.S. .30cal  M2
- U.S. 20mm M21A1 (Copied from the French 20mm Hispano)
- German 7.92mm Mauser 
- German 13mm MG 131
- German 15mm  MG 151/15
- German 20mm  MG FF
- German 20mm MG151/20
- German 30mm MK 108
- German 30mm MK101 / MK103
- U.S. 37mm M4 (37x145R) - Used in the P-39 Airacobra
- Italian 12.7mm API-T BREDA
Projectiles Only
Projectiles only gives a somewhat different perspective .

An interesting observation:
The US .30cal will fit inside the German13mm;
the 13mm will fit inside the German 20mm;
and that will fit inside the 30mm with room to spare.
Last Update: 19 Jan 2003