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Type 3 - 1/2 Kg HE Cluster Bomb

The Type 3 is found with two fuze types - the A-6(a), or a simplified version the A-6(b) shown here. Both were apparently used for this munition only.

Although designated the "Type 3", (Japanese Calendar 2603 Western Calendar 1943), the fuze marking
"Showa 13.10" (Oct. 1938)
indicates it was in use much earlier.

Can't really make out the markings on the body.
Maybe upside down 17 in the middle? (1942?)

Doesn't appear to be any other markings evident on the body other than the red and yellow bands.

An interesting feature of this bomb is the construction. These were loaded 63 in a single corrugated sheet metal pod, 8x42 inches in size.
The notches in the nose permitted them to be loaded in a nested fashion, the tail fins of the one in front resting in the notches of the nose behind. This locked the fuze vanes and made better use of the space available in the cluster container.

The cluster had a 3 second delay bursting charge which opened the container and released the bombs nose first.

The fuze was armed after three revolutions and was an instantaneous impact type.

The diagram at left is from the Army and Air Force 1953 training manual:
TM 9-1985-4

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