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Type 100 Ammunition for the Type 98 Anti-Aircraft / Anti-Tank Machine Cannon

The is the Type (Model) 100 High Explosive, Self-Destruct, w/ Tracer, Anti-Aircraft round for the Japanese Type 98 Anti-Aircraft / Anti-Tank Cannon show above.
This particular round is a G.I. "Bring Back" with a hand-written label which reads: "...from Rabute New Britton Island". Pretty sure that must mean Rabaul, New Britain Island, Papua New Guinea, which the Japanese occupied from Jan1942 to Sept 1945.

Section View

Projectile ink stamp: "100 Type"
Fuze has the Tokyo Arsenal stamp
and is dated Dec 1942.

The Type 98 Automatic Cannon could shoot 5 rounds per second, which could reach an altitude of 3500m or a horizontal  range of 5500m

A view of the base plug and the Type 100 Armor Piercing round, also with tracer, standing at right.

Bring Back

An interesting vintage boxed set is shown above.
This is a souvenir mailed home from the Pacific, by Capt. Zaresky of the 862nd AAA from "somewhere in the Solomons" (likely New Georgia or Munda) to his fiancé in San Diego. The package is postmarked October 6th 1943 with the original 30 cent stamp still on the box. The contents are listed as:
1 Ea 20mm Shell H.E.
1 Ea 20mm Shell A.P.
The captain did not survive the war, he was killed on Okinawa. These were kept in the woman's possession until 1992.

Japanese ordnance markings can be a bit confusing. On these tubes, this writing is read top-to-bottom, right-to-left.
(Loosely Translated)

20mm Pair
On the ends of the tubes:
(top on both)
"98 Automatic"
"100 Tracer Armor Piercing"
"Tracer Self Destruct Anti-Aircraft H.E."

First Column (same for both):
"98 Type, High Angle (Anti-Aircraft), Machine Firing (Automatic) Cannon Ammunition"

Second Column (left):
"100 Type, Tracer, Armor Piercing Projectile, Complete Round"

Second Column (right)
"100 Type, Tracer, Self Destruct, High Explosive AA Projectile, Complete Round"

There are additional third and fourth columns (not shown) with date codes and factory information.


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