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Type 89 Small Time Fuze
Type 89 Small Time Fuze.
This fuze is found on the Type 95 50mm Smoke Round ("Knee Mortar") and the Type 95 70mm Illumination projectile for the Type 92 Infantry Gun (Howitzer).

There is a U.S. reference to this fuze also used on an illumination round for the Type 11 70mm Infantry Mortar, but I can't find any info on that.

The safety wire holding the striker is removed before firing.
On set-back the striker moves down against the spring to hit the primer.
The flash from this ignites the powder train on the first ring, which burns through to the magazine at the base.
The fuze has a time setting of 0 to 20 seconds, in 1/2 second increments.

See my page about the 50mm "Knee Mortar"
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At left is the Type 95 50mm Smoke Round used in the Type 89 Grenade Discharger ("Knee Mortar")
It uses a 3.7 ounce Hexachloroethane smoke mixture. When the fuze gaine fires, it ignites the mixture and expells the smoke candle from the shell casing.

If the owner of the photo of the round wants credit, please let me know. I can't recall how it ended up in my data archive

At right is a sectional view of the Type 95 70mm Illuminating Round used in the Type 92 Infantry gun.
The illuminating compond is likely a magnesium mixture. It burns for approximatley 20 seconds with an intensity of about 90,000 candle power.

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