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G Gr Ger K98k Rifled Cup Launcher
This is the 1942 improved grenade launcher Gewehrgranatgerät  "rifle grenade equipment"
a.k.a. Schiessbecher "firing cup", or by the abbreviated "G Gr Ger K98k".
The Schiessbecher is a short 30mm rifled barrel, clamped to the muzzle of the rifle, weighing 0.75kg. It initially used a large auxiliary bubble sight mounted to the left of the rear sights which allowed for aiming ranges of 70 to 150 meters. Total production was almost 1.5 million.

Here is a late war configuration of equipment:
Leather carry case, the launcher, a wrench to remove the barrel, the Tragtaschen für Gewehrgranaten, "canvas carry bag" which consists of a pair of bags joined together by a piece of webbing which served as a neck strap. This was warn on the shoulders, (See photo)

  Waffen SS, Normandy 11 August 1944

Each bag could hold 15 HE grenades, packed in cardboard tubes, with internal pockets for three stripper clips holding the special wooden tip launching cartridges.

The G Gr Ger K98k with 40mm HEAT grenade and K98k with side mounted bubble sight, a side view shown below. Interesting observation, while the photo above shows the bubble sight mounted, note that the soldier is not using it! By Aug 1944  the bubble level sight was no longer issued as it proved too complicated for combat conditions. Procedures were issued to troops showing how to aim using the existing rifle sight.

Here is an interesting comparison of the German cup launcher (lower) and the Japanese Copy it inspired.

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