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German Mod 42 Nebeleihandgranate " Smoke Egg Hand Grenade"
Short History
This is the Mod. 42 “Smoke Egg Hand Grenade".
It was the last smoke grenade type produced by Germany during WWII.
A more compact design compared to its stick grenade predecessor, the Nb.39. This shape also allowed use as a pistol launched grenade type.
Somewhat uncommon as only about 1.8 million of  these Mod.42 “eggs” were produced compared to the 7.4 million of the Nebelhandgranaten types.
It is made of a heavy gauge formed steel body in two sections with a crimped seam. The larger bottom contained the smoke compound, the upper part contained an igniting element (time delay?) and has three smoke escape holes. A rigid carry ring is attached at the base.
The ZDSCHN ANZ29 fuze is an igniting type with no detonator or internal delay element.

Usually found painted a medium green, this one appears to be repainted (?) black.

Zündschnuranzünder 1929  "ZDSCHN ANZ 29 Fuze Lighter"
ANZ29 Fuze
This small brass igniter is also used for lighting safety fuse.
The ring is attached to the top cap which has an internal hook linked to a friction wire. When not in use, the cap is held in place by a small brass clasp at the side. When the ring is pulled,  the friction wire is pulled through the match compound, held in an internal copper cap, igniting it causing a flash, which ignites the smoke compound.

Nb42 - Original Paint

An example of a relic  Nb.42 showing the original paint color