A Personal Project - Maybe of Interest?


Grenades were not designed with concerns of collectors in mind !

Many types can't remain vertical on a display shelf without some sort of support.
O-Rings, in various sizes, have been my favorite go-to mount. Those provide an adequate solution in many situations.
But, in the case of tall, heavy frag types I've found the results to be less than stable.
A domino effect of toppling grenades, one into another, was a frequent enough event to warrant a better display solution.

Starting with a slice of cardboard tube as a proof-of-concept model, continuing with a series of design iterations.... the result:


These stands are 3D printed, with rubber O-rings attached to the prong tips.
The soft rings help secure and conform to small variations in casting geometries, while preventing scratches to any finish.
There's enough flex room to adapt to different grenades having slightly different body profiles.
(Belgian & French F1 Types, Polish Mod.32, French WWI "Foug", VC Short Stick, US MkI and MkII, are shown.)

The V5 does what I need, so I've no desire to experiment further at this point. It did turn out well though.
Been finding more grenades fit on this and makes it a whole lot easier to display things.

Development and first run was on a Prusa FDM 3D Printer but at 90 mins raw build time per part, it adds up.

An on-line fabricator made subsequent runs using MultiJet Fusion in PA12 Polyamide, dyed black. (March 2021)
Charged $10.75 each (Quantity 2+)
This fabricator provides an option, where I can post the design (public access) and people may buy direct.
If anyone is interested, drop me an email.

(* The one grenade type that looks like it should fit, but doesn't, is the Russian WWII "F1".)


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